3D Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality


Why virtual reality?

Because it is the most intuitive way to view objects. Virtual reality allows you to describe three-dimensional virtual scene, in which the user can intervene and become its part. The main thing is scene interactivity, with objects that can move, rotate, and animate their every aspect. Another advantage is the integration of various media to the scene, such as the audio, video or Flash application.

A very important advantage is the undemanding scene data which allows the use of different media, where the size of the transfered data is important - The Internet.The most interesting use of virtual reality is the integration into websites, so we can implement 3D visualization of products, 3D company presentation, 3D navigation in buildings or implementation of 3D games.

Virtual reality can be dynamically generated using data from the database and also store variables from the scene back to the database.

3D virtual reality is supported by all major web browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Windows Mobile PDAs. Furthermore, we can create a CD presentation, screensaver or a standalone application.


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