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CIS Admin is a powerful Web PHP/MySQL framework that provides an architecture for developing, maintaining, and deploying full-featured web applications. The first purpose of CIS Admin is to provide programmers with the basic functions of common web applications with the possibility to build their own extension.

With the default instalation, it is already content ready, and with just a little HTML / CSS coding you can make whatever you like with it.


Multi user Admin area

Friendly editing environment (with TinyMCE included)

Optimised Code

Search engine Friendly (SEO) with great indexing results

XHTML & WAI valid

Integrated Admin backend for more complex things (%Admin%)

One-Click Menu update

RSS- Integrated Backup & Export functions

Integrated Google Analytics

Integrated Mass Mailing feature

Fore security, every change in database is logged.


Many web presentations are based on CIS Admin, and among others, and

If you need more information, don't hesitate to contact us!

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