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CIS Admin

CIS Admin is a powerful Web PHP/MySQL framework that provides an architecture for developing, maintaining, and deploying full-featured web applications. The first purpose of CIS Admin is to provide programmers with the basic functions of common web applications with the possibility of building their own extension.



CIS Megashop

Our own e-commerce (e-shop) solution, with user freindly building, configuration, implementation and maintenance for every website, has integrated automatic SEO optimisation and many more unique solutions you will not be able to find anywhere else. In February 2008, CIS Megashop was in the "Top 3" among 63 e-commerce solutions in Czech Republic.



This project is a comprehensive solution for various organizations and entities with need for broadcasting TV in closed circuit environments. Potential users may be hotels, spas and sports complexes, hospitals, zoos, offices and institutions, etc.


CIS B-System

Main task of this reservation system is to enable the reservation of a specific passenger seat on the bus. Reservations can be made via Internet, WAP, SMS or standard card selling centers.

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