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CIS is proud to be the first one in Czech Republic to offer a new range of Hosting products – Enterprise Web Hosting.

If it is important for your business to be online 24/7 without interruptions, and you know how much it can cost you if your website is not online when customers need it, then this is solution for you. Since you already noticed that this is not “social” or “popular” solution, and that’s why it cost a little more money. Let’s say a few words about what enterprise hosting is?

SPARS – Security, Performance, Availability, Reliability, Scalability.


100% Security – This is not ordinary Web Hosting you used before.

Harden Apache
Prevent information disclosure, disabled insecure SSL protocols

Harden MySQL
Disable network access, remove test database, removed no password access

Harden SSH
Prevent root logins, allow SSH protocol 2 only

Harden FTP
Disabled anonymous ftp access

Harden DNS (named)
Disabled recursion from non-local addresses

Harden Cron (crond)
Add empty, immutable crontabs for non-privileged users

General Hardening
Enable minimal services by default, disable insecure SSL protocols, scan for andremove directories with unsafe ownerships or permissions, enforce nosuid, nodev, noexec on /tmp

Harden cPanel
Install (but do not enable) CSF, disable insecure features, enforce SSL service accesswherever possible

Monitoring 24/7

100% Performance – Low latency network with superior hardware. Our partners multi-path, self-healing, 10 gigabit core network is powered by fully meshed Cisco Catalyst 6500 and 7600 Series multilayer switches capable of traffic rates as high as 720 gigabits per second. Network infrastructure utilizes advanced routing/switching protocols (including BGP,OSPF, HSRP, and RSTP) for rapid convergence. With diverse carriers, divergent fiber paths, and full BGP routing tables, we are able to provide a superior level of performance and fault tolerance.

100% Availability – Not 99.5% or 99.9% or 99.999% availability. We are offering 100%. Period.

100% Reliability – First of all, with every Enterprise Hosting purchase, you will get your own Account Manager, who will be responsible and available to you 24/7, so if anything goes wrong or you just want an opinion – He or She will be there for you. Second, our technical staff will monitor your website 24/7, and  conduct nightly backups. And thirdly and maybe most importantly - Our partners network data centers feature state-of-the-art multi-phase power redundancy, industrial-quality cooling, high security, fire suppression and backup power generation systems. They are located in the richest Internet traffic distribution points in the United States. Proximity to these interchanges has a direct effect on access and transfer speeds. All you have to do is relax – We are taking care of your website. Your website is online.

100% Scalability – Whenever you want you can upgrade / downgrade your hosting account. Even for the period of one month. Just contact your Account manager.

Why would you need enterprise web site hosting? Security, scalability, availability, performance, and reliability; if those are important to you then you will want to consider an enterprise host. If the hosting you are looking to get is going to be an important part of your business then you need the personalized service along with the ability to get things done fast so you should look for an enterprise host.What do you get? For start, this:

- 5GB HDD Space
- 80GB Monthly transfer
- cPanel
- Cron
- Unlimited FTP accounts
- Unlimited MySQL databases
- Unlimited E-Mail Accounts
- Unlimited Domains
- Unlimited Add-on Domains
- Unlimited Subdomains
- Your own E-Mail server with Webmail
- Your own FTP Server
- PHP 5
- Statistics
- Comodo SSL Certificate included

You can upgrade storage space or bandwidth at any time. Just contact your Account Manager.

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