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What is digital certificate?

A digital certificate is an electronic "credit card" that establishes your credentials when doing business or other transactions on the Web. It is issued by a certification authority (CA). It contains your name, a serial number, expiration dates, a copy of the certificate holder's public key (used for encrypting messages and digital signatures), and the digital signature of the certificate-issuing authority so that a recipient can verify that the certificate is real.Digital Certificates provide a means of proving your identity in electronic transactions much like a driver license or a passport does in face-to-face interactions. With a Digital Certificate, you can assure friends, business associates, and online services that the electronic information they receive from you are authentic.


What is Certification Authority?

Abbreviated as CA, a trusted third-party organization or company that issues digital certificates used to create digitalsignatures and public-private key pairs. The role of the CA in this process is to guarantee that the individual grantedthe unique certificate and it is, in fact, who he or she claims to be. CAs are a critical component in data security and electroniccommerce because they guarantee that the two parties exchanging information are really who they claim to be.


Why choose Comodo?

As a leader in encryption technology, Comodo provides the highest level of security at competitive prices. As the secondlargest provider of business-validated certificates, Comodo ensures that millions of transactions are safely performedevery day. We are always looking for new ways to enhance online trust and security, with Research and Developmentlabs that are diligently pushing boundaries and bringing online trust, security, and compliance solutions to a new higherstandard.

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