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Whenever you call our sales team, chat with our support personnel or if you are trying to figure out who is behind numerous lines of code - We will tell you: Completely ordinary people. Just like you.

Most of us are married, have kids (or going in that direction :), or have long-lasting relationships.

We are a stable company with a team of completely ordinary people.  And in our company, we believe in teamwork. We are great as individuals, but we are much better as a team.

And who is in that team? Skilled people with huge experience in their field of work. Let‘s mention just a few IT projects in which our team members have worked on: Toyota Tshusho Corp., Hewlett-Packard, Peugeot , Pepsi, Reifaissen Bank, Motonet, Lexus, Telenor, TOP09, … And the list goes on.

And why are we successful? Because we have 3 rules we follow:

1. Customer care first. That is the first rule of success.

2. Help your business grow - It is the only thing that can tell if we are good in our job. More money for you means stable income for us. It is that simple. That’s why we have selfish interest to help your business grow.

3. Honesty. Every business should rely on this if wants to have long-lasting client relationships. We will never recommend something that is not good for you, or you don't need, and we will always tell you the truth.

Another thing that represents our company is loyalty. More than 75% of the team is here from the begining. The other 25% is just hired.

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