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The Microsoft Partner Network is a community that helps Microsoft partners reach their full potential. Today, more than 640,000 Microsoft partners form one of the most active, diverse networks in the world, with vast opportunities to build trusted relationships with their customers. The Microsoft Partner Network vision is to provide partners:

Working together, Microsoft and its partners can continue to focus on creating innovative solutions that drive profitability and sustain competitive advantage.

Microsoft Partners include Small Business Specialists, who specialise in helping start up and small-to-medium businesses with 5 or more PCs and tackle their business challenges through IT solutions.

Microsoft Partners are trained and experienced systems providers. They understand the specific needs of your small business and offer professional advice to help you:

Grow your business strategically
Discover applications and services provided by partners, streamline your work processes
Understand the business benefits of innovative solutions based on Microsoft technologies.
Drive return on existing and new IT investments.

Benefit from Microsoft’s comprehensive partner support to ensure the continued effectiveness of your IT investments.


Complete Internet Services (CIS) is a member of the Microsoft Partner Network.

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