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1. Operator of website is Complete Internet Services s.r.o. (The operator), which is consistent with the Act. No. 121/2000 of Copyright Act (the Copyright Act) and it is entitled to exercise property rights of this website.

2. Operator is issuing Terms & Conditions for use of the website (Terms & Conditions). These Terms & Conditions apply to all persons who intend to use texts published on this site. Before using the information published here, please familiarize yourself with the contents of the Terms and Conditions.

3. Without the consent of the Operator it is not permitted to use website for other than personal use (both in whole and in its separate parts). Other use is subject to prior approval by the Operator in accordance with the Copyright Act. Access to the site and webisite use is free.

4. While accessing to the site you may be obliged to insert your personal data. In this case, the Operator will use this information in accordance with the law and always trying to avoid any harm to the person to whom the data relate.

5. It is forbidden to interfere in any way without the consent, of the technical nature or contents of the site Only the operator has the right to decide everything about change, removal or addition of any component of this site.

6. The operator assumes no liability for any damages users may incur in connection with the use of this website The operator also assumes no responsibility for the content of websites belonging to third parties that can be visited through the pages

7. With the exception of these conditions, any published data or information on the website has the nature of any legal act establishing the legal relationship between the Operator and the user of the Internet, unless it is otherwise indicated.

8. Website terms of use are valid and effective on the date of publication. Conditions were published on 20.09.2007.




Web Hosting Unlimited & Acceptable usage policy


You don't have to worry about monthly bandwidth and disk storage if:

1) Your website is not causing issues for others on the same server.

2) Your website is not hogging CPU, RAM and/or is not doing lot's of hard disk I/O.

3) You keep your MySQL databases optimized and up to two GB in size.

4) You dont use your website for hotlinking, personal backup or storage purpose. Web Hosting servers are not intended as a personal data backup or archiving service.

5) You dont use your website for hosting copyrighted content.

6) Your website is not upload/sharing/archive/backup/mirroring/distribution website.

7) Your website is not created to drive traffic to another site.

8) You dont share account resources (whether for free or pay) to public.


Also, you cannot:

1) Use your website for illegal activities, such as housing of copyrighted material, racism, child pornography, conspiring or supporting illegal activities, and everything else that we find to be illegal activity.

2) Use your website for any type of hacking activities.

3) Use your website in a way that causes service interruptions, either to the network or server itself (i.e. DOS attacks).

4) Use your hosting account as anonymous proxie.

5) Use your hosting account for spamming. You are also responsible for keeping "clean" IP addresses you are using. They must not be blacklisted anywhere at any given moment.

6) Use your website for personal info harvesting (i.e. Phishing, scamming, password robbery)

7) Use your website for spamdexing, Black Hat SEO and similar activities.

8) Use your website for adult tgp or banner exchange

9) Use your website as a host for abusive scripts, processes, IRC bots, bouncers, BitTorrent software, Proxies and Network deamons

Any compliant we recieve for any of this reasons can be ground for account cancelation without refund. Trust us, every host out there with "Unlimited" usage policy has exactly the same limitations. And these rules are here to protect you as the legitimate user from the people that wants to run porn affiliate websites, Torrent trackers or host pirated material.




Service Level Agreement

CIS is proud to offer an exceptional level of performance, reliability, and service. That is why we are making commitments to our customers in the form of a Service Level Agreement (SLA) which provides certain rights and remedies regarding the performance of our network.

CIS strives to maintain a 100% network and server uptime service level. This uptime percentage is a monthly figure, and it is calculated solely by CIS monitoring systems or CIS authorized/contracted outside monitoring services. If CIS fails to meet it's 100% uptime guarantee, and it is not due to one of the exceptions below, credits will be made available to each client, upon request, on a case by case basis. CIS does not credit a full month's service for minor downtime.


Customer shall not receive any credits under this SLA in connection with any failure or deficiency of the CIS network caused by or associated with:

- Circumstances beyond reasonable control, including, without limitation, acts of any governmental body, war, insurrection, sabotage, embargo, "Acts of God" (, flood, earthquake, tornado, etc...), strike or other labor disturbance, interruption of or delay in transportation, unavailability of or interruption or delay in telecommunications or third party services, failure of third party software or inability to obtain raw materials, supplies, or power used in or equipment needed for provision of the Service Level Agreement

- Telco Failure (i.e. Verizon™ cutting a fiber line somewhere)

- Backbone peering point issues (i.e. UUnet™ having a router go down in Virginia that wipes out internet service for the entire East Coast of USA)

- Scheduled maintenance for hardware / software upgrades

- DNS issues not within the direct control of CIS

- Client’s acts or omissions, any negligence or willful misconduct

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