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CIS was founded in 1996. When the company was first established we only created websites and assured connection of the companies to the internet.

In 1999, Complete Internet Services raised to be one of the most is influential IT Czech company. Hard competition forced us to get creative and use innovative solutions to meet the needs of our customers, so we’ve decided to build much of our own technology (for example CISadmin, LIVEadmin, CIS Mega Shop etc.), that really differentiates us from the rest of competition.

Our technology is built by some of the cleverest Czech developers with only one goal - to create one amazing user experience. When we need something – We usually develop it, so we are not dependable of any third party software.

We have completed hundreds of projects until today, and we are proud that we have not had even one unsatisfied customer.

What do we do? (For ordinary people): Websites and web applications, Windows Software, Mobile applications, Web Hosting, Internet marketing, Booking systems, Sales systems (E-shops), Payment systems, Information systems, Recording systems, SEO optimization, 3D virtual reality, and even security and administration of computer networks.

The Foundation for CIS Success: Reliability, Customer Care & Experience.

We have built a loyal Czech customer base and now we are looking to spread our services throughout the world.  

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